VZN I-Hand i8

Rehabilitation gloves For rehabilitation of hand and fingers
VZN I-Hand i8 is an innovation among rehabilitation systems. It can be used at any stage of rehabilitation, because it works according to exoskeleton technology with the option of passive and active training of the hand and fingers.
VZN I-Hand i8 is equipped with highly sensitive sensors for the most accurate reading of the patient’s neural impulses and, subsequently, smooth movements of the device.
The device is multifunctional. In addition to standard programs, there is a possibility of individual programming, «mirror» training (repetition of movements after the healthy hand), training with the participation of an assistant and interactive sessions.
VZN I-Hand i8 is indicated for use by patients with hand dysfunction after injuries, heart attacks and strokes, cerebral palsy, surgical interventions and other diseases that could cause impaired coordination and movements in general.